Board members for Social Media Club St. Louis are leaders in marketing, education, journalism, public service, technology and business and often share their expertise at major events around the area. Learn about each board member below and complete your request for SMCSTL leaders to present on a variety of topics during your next event.

2018 SMCSTL Board Members

All SMCSTL Board Member Roles Require Individuals Who Are:

  • Organized, communicative and ambitious

  • Proactive, passionate, and curious

  • Able to plan and manage events, including booking speakers, securing venues, and promotion

  • Comfortable socializing online and in person: connecting and communicating

  • Ready to commit to 4 board meetings every 6 months and 4 events every 6 months.

Board member election is held every 6 months, during which we will re-elect current board members and advisors, elect or re-elect officers, and elect new members from fresh outside nominations. There is a 3-year term limit for all board members.

Advisors to the Board


SMCSTL Board Member Disclosure Statement

Each of our board members has reviewed and agreed to abide by the following statement:

Board members are encouraged to bring their resources to bear in providing their goods and services to Social Media Club Saint Louis (SMCSTL). But when you (or your family) stand to receive something of value (most often, financial compensation that exceeds a nominal amount) in exchange for a good or service that you are offering to SMCSTL, it is very important that certain procedures be followed in order to avoid a conflict of interest. 

A conflict of interest can occur when the Board considers making a decision that stands to directly benefit you, your family or the business interests of you or your family. Such a situation risks the creation of an impression that the decision-making process of the Board was corrupted and motivated by personal gain and not the best interests of the SMCSTL and its community. In order to avoid an actual, potential or the appearance of a conflict of interest, SMCSTL employs a simple but strict procedure to maintain the integrity of the Board’s deliberations: 

Notify & Recuse

By becoming a Board member, I agree that I shall immediately NOTIFY the Board President of any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest in writing.

In all circumstances where the actual, potential or perceived conflict affects the interest of me or my family, I agree that I will RECUSE myself from voting on any and all such matters, abstain from deliberating on such issues, and act in a prudent manner as is befitting of a Board member. 

Other than as identified below, I am aware of no actual or apparent conflict of interest between my activities on behalf of the SMCSTL Board and any other activities in which I am involved.


Interested in learning more about digital strategy? Wondering how to make the most of your social media channels? Need to know how to get users and media members to connect with and amplify your story? Social Media Club St. Louis board members lead presentations and training sessions for conferences, colleges, businesses and community groups. Use the form below to request an SMCSTL speaker (pending availability). Please submit no later than eight weeks before your event. Note that not all speaker requests will be accommodated.

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